6 Principles to Effective, Systemic Leadership 🧠

1 Focus on Results 🎯

  1. a KPI framework: how to set, follow up on and adjust the correct strategic goals and their key performance indicators.
  2. a coaching leadership culture: communicate the big vision often, listen to people and support them through their journey towards results.
  3. achievement and steering: understand when goals are achieved and what comes next. But most importantly, understand when goals need to be adjusted, in order to steer the business into the right direction.

2 Contribution to the Organization 📈

3 Quality before Quantity 💎

4 Unleash People Strengths 💪

  1. remember this is a brain design that helped us in the Palaeolithic, not in today’s environments
  2. work actively on identifying peoples’ strengths and the organization’s gaps, and see how those strengths could fill the gaps for the organization to grow 💪

Put the right people in the right place, and the magic will happen.

5 Build the Trust ❤️

“A people hire A+ people”

  • leaders take the team’s errors as their own responsibility
  • leaders share the credit with the actual doers and makers
  • leaders work with the assumption that every individual is doing their best
  • transparency and open communication are the main avenue for cooperation
  • sharing goals, strategy plans and open feedback with others
  • no hidden agendas for anyone, come as you are
  1. are the KPIs wrong? Are we measuring the right thing then?
  2. are the resources right?
  3. are the tactics the correct ones?
  4. is the strategy the appropriate one?
  5. did we set a realistic goal in the first place?

6 Stay Positive-Proactive 🚀


  • focus on results 🎯
  • all you do should contribute to the organization 📈
  • quality over quantity — do less, do it better 💎
  • unleash people strengths, don’t focus on weaknesses 💪
  • entrust your people, they will take you to new dimensions ❤️
  • stay positive, be proactive 🚀




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Claudio M. Camacho

Claudio M. Camacho


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