Don’t Settle For Inbound Marketing

4 Outbound tactics that bring 400x more ROI than any inbound marketing when it comes to growing our B2B sales

Marketing touchpoints — ROI quadrant

#1 — Trade Shows

  1. You will typically find a product manager at every booth, which means you’ll get, at least, one relevant contact that you can use either to turn into a lead or to get one step closer to the actual decision maker.
  2. Sending people to a trade show gives the global message to the industry that your company is on the market and has an offering. So make sure you have a strong communications plan alongside each event you attend.

#2 — Thought Leadership

  • Two tech media interviews (one with a famous online publication and another one with NBC)
  • Appearance in a global report for car manufacturers
  • A line of 20+ people from different companies waiting for me to ask more about our company and our products
  • A total of 12 highly relevant leads, out of which 5 are already evaluating the purchase of our products

#3 — Customer Meetups

#4 — Road Trips


  • Inbound is still great for B2B, but ROI justification is simply not there, specially if you focus on OEMs and operators
  • Inbound cannot do many things outbound can, like build a much stronger relationship with customers and create feedback loops for your current products and future innovations
  • In B2B industries, outbound targeting is just much better than inbound’s, specially in terms of how fast you can find the decision maker (which is the main thing in B2B)
  • Outbound can do stuff that web forms simply can’t → build feedback loops from customers. My claim is: 1 day spent with the customer can equal 2 years of actual development and market research
  • Trade shows and outbound tactics feel very expensive upfront, but social media and inbound paid campaigns are in fact more expensive in the long term, it’s just that their payment methods make you feel you are spending less



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