How to Design Everlasting Value Propositions in B2B Marketing, Part 2

Increasing customer LTV with a Customer Success strategy

What is Customer Lifetime Value 🌱

Customer Lifetime Value distribution — Neil Patel
  1. they find a similar solution that is cheaper
  2. the customer satisfaction is very low

It’s All About Customer Success 😍

“Customer Success is the function at a company responsible for managing the relationship between the vendor and its customers. The goal of customer success is to make the customer as successful as possible, which in turn, improves customer lifetime value (LTV) for the company.”

How many times have you heard this when calling customer support? 😠

1 — Have a team dedicated to Customer Success 👥

2 — Build a feedback loop 💬

  • Choose a channel that your customer loves, to communicate with you. Some customers prefer face-to-face meetings, some prefer WhatsApp and some may prefer email. Use what feels the easiest for each customer.
  • Establish a 2-way feedback loop: don’t use the channel to push news to your customer. Instead, use it for asking questions and listening to their problems.
  • Document every message, request or complaint your customer is communicating over the feedback loop. Bring this information to product planning meetings.
  • Periodically check that the feedback loop is still working and being used by the customer. If not, then rebuild it so that the communication keeps flowing.
  • Remember this: no news is bad news. — A silent customer could be a customer looking for an alternative solution.

3 — Understand their business 💸

Customer value chain — How does your company deliver value beyond your customers

4— Make product management embrace Customer Success 🤗

Real Life Example: How we almost lost our biggest B2B customer 😕




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