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What a marketing conference taught me about Service Design

Filling the gap between sales, marketing and product development by leveraging Service Design.

What is Service Design? And more importantly, how does it fit into more traditional business functions such as sales, marketing and product development? I was shocked last year when I heard from the professors at the Service Design faculty that they are having a hard time trying to figure out what career paths to recommend to their future grads. Here’s a (rather long, but quite precise) definition of Service Design by PracticalSXD:

The ultimate goal of marketing is to create products that sell, not to sell products.

In order to create products that sell and fulfill the marketing mantra, companies need to listen to the market. Yet it seems that most companies are trying very hard to sell products, instead of investing in listening to the users.

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Example of User Personas. By Toby Freestone.
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Example of Customer Journey. From Kampyle.
  • Low-performing touchpoints: those where most customers drop out.
  • Uncertainty touchpoints: those where some customers go ahead and some drop out.
  1. Dramatically change or remove low-performing touchpoints.
  2. Perform a deep research on uncertainty touchpoints to discover what happens with half of the population dropping out, in order to introduce the right changes and increase conversion rate.

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